Fabric Creation

We have been rewriting the rulebook on how to create fabrics since 1981. The Paradise Textiles team is dedicated to researching and testing textiles, stitch by stitch. Using pioneering technology, our team of researchers create new fabric and materials for our retail partners and brand clients.

Extensive Network

We believe in the power of collaboration and building strategic partnerships. Over the years, we have have developed a global network with the finest yarn producers, knitting mills, dyeing & printing houses and chemical and material providers. Beyond our own industry, we look to partner with companies that have the same parallel vision of bringing innovative products to the market. Examples of this include partnering with pioneers such as 3M and Dupont, allowing us to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in textiles. Working with Paradise Textiles gives our customers access to the most cutting edge and smart textiles long before they reach the market.

Experts In The Field

The research, scientists, and engineers at Paradise Textiles collaborate to develop fashionable and fresh fabrics. The Paradise team attends many trade events to stay informed on the latest trends, tools and techniques in the industry. As participants of the lean methodology, we invest in training and continuously improve our processes. With this training, our team stays in the loop on the newest technologies and upcoming fads.

Quality Assurance

Today’s consumer understands the difference between good and great quality, which dictates future brand loyalty. In addition, in today’s fast paced environment, companies cannot afford to have delays as a result of fabric quality defects. Here’s how we overcome this challenge- Our team conducts thorough product testing in our in-house lab, where we have the latest machinery for CRE testing, ICI mace snag test as well as viewing cabinets for ASTM, GB and JIS. Rather than outsource product testing to another vendor, we have simplified the product development process by conducting testing in-house every step of the way. Additionally, our independent Q/Cs stationed at the dying mills keep a close watch on the fabric production before they are loaded in the containers to our factories. Thus, we are able to offer a complete garment solution to our clients.

New Innovation

By experimenting with natural and synthetic materials, Paradise Textiles continues to push the boundaries of fabric development. Explore our case studies to see how the Paradise Textiles creates innovative solutions for our clients and ultimately consumers’ needs.