Manufacturing Excellence

It is by no accident that Alpine Creations has built an extensive operation with the annual production capacity of 48 million garments a year. Through implementing the principles of Manufacturing Excellence, Alpine Creations strives to have the shortest lead time and highest quality products at the lowest possible cost for our customers.

Lean Manufacturing

Although perfection is impossible to achieve, we continually strive to improve our processes by adopting lean manufacturing. With a 360 degree approach to manufacturing, we consider all the implications internally and put our client’s needs first before making changes to our process. We continuously look for inefficiencies in every step of the process and correct them for the future product orders. Constant improvement allows us to offer the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost and at the shortest lead time for our clients.

Training Our Employees

We offer continuous training and education of our employees to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve. We recognize our employees are our most valuable asset in the company, and so we continuously invest in our workforce. Our managers prioritize that their direct reports are constantly learning about their field. Our scientists and engineers frequently attend fabric and garment fairs to learn about new developments. Giving learning opportunities to our employees would help them create their long term goals within the company and lets us to disrupt the industry.

Six Sigma

Analyzing data throughout our process allows us to avoid errors in our production lines. Our customers depend on us for quality assurance and product safety, so we invested in new technology and trained our employees to test our fabric and textiles continually. Through standardization of processes and tests, we can consistently produce better results and consequently better products. Beyond our facility, we incorporate additional data and feedback from our clients to assure that the products are still of high quality once it is on the store floors. Rather than making the decision based on intuition, we utilize data to drive our decision-making and improve our processes.


We are committed to exceeding industry standards in all areas of employees’ safety and health. Promoting safe and healthy work environments can significantly improve employees’ productivity and morale. We take extra precautions in our factories to limit injury rates, exposure to chemicals, and machinery accidents. Efficiencies in manufacturing don’t come from cutting corners and jeopardizing the safety of our people. Our greatest assets are the people who work for us, and our strategic growth depends on their well-being.

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